Statutes & Ordinances

Article 10 of the Constitution of the State of Connecticut grants the General Assembly the right to delegate authority to its municipalities, commonly know as "Home Rule." The Town of Ledyard operates under a “Home Rule” Charter, adopted in 1971, meaning that the town can adopt and amend its Town Charter as well as regulate local matters without involvement from the state legislature.

Connecticut General Statutes
Land use laws, however, are regulated at the state level through the Connecticut General Statutes. Zoning, Planning, Housing, Economic and Community Development and Human Resources are all covered in Title 8 of the CGS. The following chapters within Title 8 provide the legal framework for what planning and zoning commissions are enabled to do procedurally:
  • Chapter 126: Municipal Planning Commissions
  • Chapter 124: Zoning
Town Ordinances
Town of Ledyard Ordinances provide legal framework for the Planning Commission as well. Ordinance 5 (PDF) creates a Planning Commission that is separate from a Zoning Commission and Ordinance 10 (PDF) provides for alternates to the commission.

Additionally, several ordinances adopted by the Town of Ledyard regulate areas that the Planning Commission deals with on a regular basis: