Millstone Nuclear Power Station Emergency

A nuclear power plant is designed and constructed to provide electricity while protecting the health and safety of the public and environment. There are many levels of protection and barriers, each with several backup systems. A nuclear power plant cannot explode like a bomb because the fuel is not very concentrated. The fuel is cooled in a closed water loop system inside a device called a reactor within a reinforced concrete containment building.

Power Station Tour
To take an animated tour of a nuclear power station courtesy of Dominion Nuclear, Inc. please visit their website.

Backup Safety Systems
In the unlikely event of a serious nuclear power plant emergency, many backup safety systems would help slow or stop the emergency. A nuclear power plant emergency would not happen quickly and would likely take hours or days to develop. This would give state and town officials sufficient time to direct necessary public protective actions in a timely manner with your cooperation.

How is Ledyard Affected?
The southwest portion of the town is located within the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) for the Millstone Nuclear Power Station. Specific information regarding evacuation instructions are located on pages 2 and 3 of the yellow pages in the southeastern Connecticut phone directory.

Ledyard residents living in the area defined below would be evacuated if conditions required for a problem at the Millstone Nuclear Power Station. The evacuation point would be the Field House at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

Defined Area
The EPZ is defined by the following area:
  • South and West of a line drawn from the Thames River down Hurlbutt Road to Route 12
  • North on Route 12 to Whalehead Road, along Whalehead Road to Sandy Hollow Road
  • Along Sandy Hollow Road to Route 117
  • South on Route 117 to the Groton town line
Action Taken for Schools
If schools are in session, the following actions will be taken for our children:
  • The children in any Ledyard school who reside in the Millstone EPZ will not be returned to their homes if an evacuation is ordered.
  • Parents are expected to pick these children up at school prior to reporting to the evacuation location.
  • After a reasonable period has passed, the children will be bussed to the evacuation center in Storrs to meet their families.
Emergency Planning Books
Access the following Millstone Emergency Planning Book for 2013-14 for more information:
How Will You Be Notified?
In the case of an emergency at the Millstone Nuclear Power Station, alerting sirens located within the Emergency Planning Zone will sound. The alerting sirens will sound continuously for 3 minutes to indicate a problem warranting your attention. The sirens are not a signal to evacuate.

Taking Action
Upon hearing the sirens, residents are asked to proceed to the nearest TV or radio to get the specific information that will be passed via the Emergency Alerting System. Activation of these sirens may be for hazardous materials incidents and weather emergencies. Therefore, tuning in to 1 of the TV or radio stations listed below is important to determine if a nuclear power plant emergency has been declared. If in doubt, stay indoors (shelter in place) until the EAS message is broadcast.

TV Stations Carrying the EAS Message
WFSB - Channel 3
WTNH - Channel 8
WVIT - Channel 30
WTIC - Channel 61

Check your local cable TV service for the cable channel selection in your area.

Local Radio Carrying the EAS Message
WNPR - 89.1 FM
WCTY - 97.7 FM (WCTY is the primary reporting station for the area)
WNLC - 98.7 FM
WQGN - 105.5 FM
WBMW - 106.5 FM
WSUB - 980 AM
WMRD - 1150 AM
WICH - 1310 AM
WLIS - 1420 AM

Other Notification Methods
A secondary method for notification and for localized notifications and general information will be the Everbridge System, town website and the official town Facebook page “Ledyard News.”

Posted Information
As a fall back, a daily sheet of services available and general information will be posted on the front doors of the Town Hall and fire stations during major events when commercial communication systems and power systems are not functioning in town.

Annual Questionnaire
Annually, you will receive a questionnaire asking if you need special assistance in the unlikely event a problem occurs at the Millstone facility. These are mailed by the State Office of Emergency Management and will be forwarded to us. If you wish to ensure we have your information, please use the feedback form on this website. When responding, we need to know the following:
  • Your name
  • Address
  • Specific special need you have (this includes those with poor hearing who may not hear the sirens or those who need transportation)
  • Phone number
  • Name and phone number of a family member or friend not living with you who can assist us with contacting you
More Information
The State of Connecticut Emergency Planning for the Millstone Nuclear Power Station is available for more information.